Your Cells Will LOVE This Salad

Posted on February 2, 2016 by



This salad can be prepared on Sunday and last through Friday, with a variety of potential time saving uses!

Organic Ingredients:

1 Bunch Kale

1 Bunch celery

1 Bunch Radishes

7 Carrots

1 Jicama

1 Bunch Broccoli

1 Head of Red Cabbage

1 Red Bell Pepper

Directions:  Shred, dice and mix together.  Easy at that!  I use my food processor with the shredding blade for carrots, jicama and broccoli; the single slicer for kale, radish & cabbage; and hand chop both the celery & bell pepper.  Mix together in a LARGE container.  You’ll be surprised at how much salad you just made!  This will take the headache out of being creative during the work week, while keeping you on track towards building healthy habits.


Optional Toppings and quick meal ideas:

  • Genesis Kitchen Oil & Balsamics – my favorite on this is GK Favolosa EVOO and Traditional Balsamic.
  • Berries, this salad has been a real treat with Wild Mulberries!
  • Raw Walnuts  or Shaved Raw Almonds
  • GT All good Mayo with a couple drops of stevia for a sweet creamy slaw.
  • Chopped Apple, Walnuts, Chicken breast and GT All Good Mayo.
  • Top with Diced Chicken or Ground Turkey and Balsamic
  • Mix a handful of salad in with eggs and slice avocado on top for a well-rounded breakfast
  • Combine Pacific Organic bone broth, roasted chicken, poultry seasoning and a huge handful of salad for a quick and easy chicken veggie soup.

Enjoy all of that yummy goodness and feel yours cells soaking up the nutrients!!

Here’s to a Healthy, Loving and Peaceful 2016,

Katie Surjan, GT Coach