Kelly’s Journey: January 2015

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I find myself in a rut these days. A little winter blues for sure.  I’m at a time of un-busy after an extremely busy few months.  We’ve got some of the major things done at the house, the holiday hustle is over and my sister is healing nicely from a successful spine surgery.  This has left me with less on my agenda and it’s so easy to let the lazies creep in.

This means it’s time to go back to basics.  Just like when I started with GT almost four years ago, we do one thing at a time and change one thing a week.  This week I’m logging my food, whatever that may be, and my coach and I are going to start from there.  Next week it will be something else and we’ll go one step at a time.  For me I think it’s harder knowing exactly what needs to be done.  I find my self looking at the enormity of the whole process and that makes me even more discouraged over keeping it on track.

I figure the new year is a good time to start again and work to get back on track.  I more than anyone know I hold the keys to my own success.

Happy New Year everyone!

Kelly Elmer
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