Clean Eating Kid: 9 Things You Can Do To Get Your Child On Clean Eating Train

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4589_child_superman_costume_1__08250.1367416705.1280.1280I have two children, ages 5 and 1.5 years. Tosh, the oldest, was not a clean eating kid until he was 3.5 years (after he spent the first few years of his life in hospitals and doctors offices for constantly being sick). Chloe, the youngest, was clean from the moment of conception. It is interesting to watch the dynamics between a child who knows nothing but clean healthy food and a child whose addiction to sugar still looms at times, while the social events increase with LOTS of options full of sugar. Tosh, also has a sensory condition, and as he became cleaner and cleaner, his sensory condition GREATLY improved. This has been amazing to watch before our eyes! As I wrote in another article this month, “Life is a journey, not a destination”, and that certainly applies when shifting our kids into a clean eating diet. Here are 9 tips that helped my children (especially Tosh) join the clean eating train.

1. Make it fun and games!
2. Join your child on the clean eating journey.
3. Talk to them about the importance of health.
4. If a food doesn’t go over the first time….try, try again…in slightly varied ways.
5. Be open to the possibility of SUCCESSFUL clean eating for your child – check for any limiting beliefs you may have in this area.
6. Incorporate a variety of new foods.
7. Let kids cook with you – it creates more of a buy in.
8. Make Connections For Them – point out what happens to their tummies, or how it’s hard to make good choices and listen after eating sugar, wheat, etc.
9. ADD CLEAN PROTEIN TO THEIR DIET (This REALLY helps with cravings).


Jenny Carr
Genesis Coach

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