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IMG_0099The holidays are a time of joy, celebration, family, indulgences and chaos.  I love the holidays with the decorations, parties and family however I usually indulge too much on gifts, stretch myself a bit too thin and get a bit lax on my self-care and eating.  This holiday I am doing something very different.  I have set a smaller budget which I have been sticking to very well, giving many gifts handmade with love and staying with the basics for my own self-care.

I notice that when I let my self care go I also get off balance with the 5 simple steps (clean food, water, rest, exercise and elegant thinking).  This of course leads to more stress, busyness, chaos, mental fog and anxiety, let alone weight gain.  Have you noticed the same? 

My focus this month is making sure my water is at a gallon or more each day.  I have scheduled time through the week to bulk cook to free up my time for gift making, shopping, rest, exercise, and meditation.  I have been diligent in journaling my food, meeting my macronutrients and planning ahead for holiday parties.  My personal journaling and meditation has been relaxing and mentally fortifying to get me through this holiday rush.   Here is a check list that I use each day to keep me on track:

  • Do I have my gallon of water ready to drink today?
  • Is my food planned for today?
  • What day is scheduled to bulk cook this week?
  • What time will I exercise today?
  • What can I do today to rest my body, mind and spirit?
  • Have I been kind to myself today?
  • What have I done for one other person today to make them feel special?

This holiday I am looking forward to enjoying the simpleness of the holiday and not get caught up in the commercialness. By focusing on self care and following the 5 simple steps we can expect to experience the calmness and clarity to just BE Present.  I hope everyone has a blessed and Happy Holiday.

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Peggi Ingram RN, BSN
Genesis Transformation Coach
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