Journey to My Life’s Purpose: December

Posted on December 1, 2014 by


It is coming up on my year anniversary of leaving my corporate job.  The journey this year has been one of many turns, hills and valleys.  It has been one of introspection, reflection and huge growth.  It has included much study and information and right now, I am feeling info overload.  In fact, even my ears are ringing.  For that I am taking that as a sign to shut down.

I am limiting my time on the computer, deleting ‘junk/promotional’ emails as they come in without opening, purging the mail pile without browsing the junk catalogs and even stopped my current study on surrendering to just BE. 

I am doing what feels good: more knitting, creative crafts as well as resting.  I am taking extra time in meditation to slow down and offer gratitude to my family, especially my husband for his continued support.  I can’t express how awesome this year of growth has been for me. I look forward to a relaxing holiday season with family and friends and an exciting New Year with endless opportunities. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours.