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kellyFor the first time in 27 years I’m living close to family.  While my husband was in the Navy and for some years after we lived out of state or across the country.  It’s very different dealing with problems, celebrations and other goings on from 1000 miles away.

Since we’ve moved home in August I’m working on re-establishing this in-person connection.  So far I’ve helped when a close family member had to put down an ill pet (fur baby), a not so successful attempt to rebuild a broken relationship with an in-law, prepping for my sisters major spine surgery next month and support of potential marriage problems with another family member.  I’m also prepping to host the family for Thanksgiving dinner at our home.  Along with the busy things, I’ve also enjoyed coffee and afternoon visits when I didn’t have to pack a bag and drive all day and stay all weekend, or having my niece and her two beautiful boys over for dinner.  This is very nice.

Also, I’m still working on our “fixer upper” which is at various stages of demo and repair while we tackle years of deferred maintenance.  We have several projects completed, but still have a bathroom and kitchen remodel to do so it will be awhile before we can really relax.

Most of the family issues above have come up within the month of November.  Whew….a few years ago I would have been stressed out.  I’ve worked very hard though learning and knowing that I am only responsible for my own decisions.  Those made by others are not in my control and no matter the outcome, lending an ear and giving input (when asked) is really all I can provide.  It does me nor them any good to carry the weight of thoughts and outcomes with me. My sleepless nights would have no effect on another person.

I would credit several things with my growth in this area.  Mainly is having someone to communicate with that can really listen and give constructive input.  Equally important is learning about and sometimes changing my thought process and looking at a problem or situation from another’s perspective.  This is very hard to do but is so worthwhile.  I also read and absorb from many sources, quotes, bible passages, yoga, meditation, etc to help me through these processes. I don’t do all of them all the time, but every tool I use has an effect on my well being.

So far I love every joy and every challenge that can come from being in the center of it all.

Until next month, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


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