Layers of Gratitude

Posted on November 2, 2014 by


I was recently in India where gratitude was reinvented for me. You see, I have always considered myself a grateful person, but as I learned, there are many layers of gratitude. As we come upon this month of Thanksgiving and giving thanks, I invite you to look at gratitude from a slightly nuanced perspective.

How many of you hear yourselves saying thank you to the many people and experiences in your life that help to shape and fulfill you? My guess would be that many of you fall into that category. If we were to take it a bit further, how many of you pause long enough, not only to say thank you, but to truly reflect and give gratitude to ALL of the people, efforts, materials, and concern others have for you when fulfilling your needs in some way? For example, when you eat a beautiful piece of grass-fed new york steak, do you pause to give gratitude not only to the meal itself, but also to the farmers who raised the grass to feed the cows, to nature for providing sun, water, and air to grow the grass, to the butchers who took the time to carve out that nice new york steak cut, to the store or ranch that sold you the beef, to the person who taught you about grass-fed meat to begin with, and to your source of income that allowed you to purchase this beef?

I know, this may seem like overkill. In fact, it seems that if we were to take gratitude to this level, we would always be in a state of gratitude, as there are SO MANY layers of gratitude to give pause and thanks to. But then again, would it be so bad to always be in a state of gratitude? I can tell you from personal experience, that when we dive into these deeper levels of gratitude, the world as we know it, becomes vibrant with beauty. Our lives are showered with joy, ease and new opportunities knocking down your door.

This month of November, I invite you to conduct a little science experiment. Begin journaling or giving pause and acknowledgement to the MANY layers of EVERYTHING that brings you fulfillment. Then, notice what begins happening in your life. Things are guaranteed to change, but how that change looks will be different for each person. Join us this month by commenting below as to the layers of gratitude you are discovering in your life and new opportunities and experiences are taking hold.

With infinite gratitude to all of you who show up with self-care in the forefront of your heart and actions,

Jenny Carr
Genesis Transformation Coach
The Clean Eating Kid