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fedup movie


run time: 92 minutes

director: Stephanie Soechtig

Everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong. FED UP is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see. From Katie Couric, Laurie David (Oscar winning producer of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH) and director Stephanie Soechtig, FED UP will change the way you eat forever.

Fed Up takes you directly to the truth behind lobbyist dollars, Big Food Bucks, Government’s role with school lunches and so much more that we are just outright unaware of. The government contradicts itself between Public health and promoting agriculture. USDA says limit your sugar intake yet has provided over 8 BILLION DOLLARS in subsidies for corn based sweeteners since 1995.

Take a look at what is really causing childhood obesity, disease and low self esteem. I hope you feel as inspired as I did to do my part in making the world a healthier place to live. Do something different to make a change in your own household, clearly if we do not personally make a change, the train will just keep gaining momentum towards disease, not to mention the money it takes to support this country’s healthcare needs. Fed Up implies, if we keep going down the path we’re on we can expect 1 in 3 people to battle Diabetes by 2050.

Think cigarette use 30 years ago vs. today, tobacco companies had all of the data pointing to cancer and disease but withheld that information from the consumer. Today, cigarette smoking is banned in almost every public place. The scenario is the same with sugar and processed foods, you do not have to wait for something to be banned, the data is right here in this movie for consumers, today!

fed up

-Katie Surjan, GT Coach

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