Ask Dave: Please Don’t Eat the Green Potatoes

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Dear Dave,

We had a great potato crop this year but most of them are partially green.  Are they OK to eat? 

Ann & Thomas 

Dear A & T,

The short answer is no – don’t eat them!  I will elaborate below if you want the longer story.

There have been several recorded historical instances where green potatoes were served to groups of people resulting in the majority of people becoming ill.  Lasting effects are rare but with sensitive populations such as children or people with compromised immune systems care should be taken to avoid consumption.

The green part of the potato is not actually the culprit, it is only chlorophyll which is benign, but its presence indicates a very strong chance that the potato is producing Solanine, a toxin that protects the potato from being eaten by insects or foraging animals.  This is why peeling a green potato can remove some of the solanine but it is still a green potato that is producing toxins.  A green potato is natures way of sending a signal – it is up to us to listen!

Time for a brief discussion on the plant family known as Solanacea – better known as Nightshades.  This plant family includes, but is not limited to: potato, eggplant, peppers, tobacco, tomato, and the famed deadly nightshade AKA belladonna.  The VAST majority of people that we have worked with show sensitivity to nightshades and most people with food sensitivities tend to feel better when nightshades are not included in their diets.

In conclusion: Potatoes cause issues for many people as they are….green potatoes add more toxins to the equation and in this author’s opinion are not worth the risk!

Note – sweet potatoes are not nightshades!

Note #2 – Goji berries  are nightshades!!!

Looking forward to my next french fried sweet potato,    green-potato



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