No Matter What

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images-3 (1)Do you have a “no matter what” on your journey to vibrant health? It could be: journaling food, getting  in that resistance training, taking time to meditate or journal, etc. Do you find that your “no matter what” changes as you form new habits? At times, balancing everything can feel overwhelming (HA…that might be an understatement), but if we go inward to listen to our body’s needs, we are able to be guided in a way that leads us to our “no matter what”. When you eat a piece of cake, your body may respond with a physical, mental, or emotional sensation that is unpleasant. This is your body’s form of communicating with you, and telling you that the cake truly and sincerely does not work for it. It took some time, but I finally got to a place where a slice of cake is on the “no matter what” list. I simply do not want it, as my body is persistent in having me feel the consequences when that sugar, wheat, dairy and trans-fats go into my body.

As October is upon us, the craziness of summer begins to slow down,  and I find it to be an optimal time to go inward and really listen to my body. I invite you to be still. See what your heart is telling you. Scan your body for physical sensations that are less than optimal. When you go into your heart, do you have a true knowing of what those physical, mental, or emotional sensations are coming from?  It may be from the wine you had here and there over the summer. Could it be that your body is requesting more rest? What about water? It may be gently asking you to put down that fried chicken, or it could be screaming at you in an effort to get your attention; only you know. As you sit with your body, I invite you to see if it is trying to communicate a “no matter what” to you. Then ask, are you ready to follow that advice? The next step towards optimal health is waiting just around the corner.

JennyJenny Carr
GT Coach
Founder – The Clean Eating Kid