Journey to My Life’s Purpose: September

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meant to beThis past month I have been in a HUGE detox. WOW it has been a big one! I feel I am pretty used to feeling detox symptoms in the body and I am usually able to keep my brain in check.  But, this last week with an exposure to a pesticide, my brain has gone WACKO!  I mean really nuts; Stories, blaming, judging, you name it – it is all there.  (Can you relate?) This has been really uncomfortable for me.

Staying clean with my food as well as additional time in meditation and knitting has helped me increase my gratitude to my body for the ability to detox these harmful chemicals as well as keep me a bit more grounded. Another plus to this detox is I am able to connect and relate more closely with my clients with their detox.  Sometimes as a coach we can forget.

As I said I was spending more time in meditation, I especially liked Day 9 of Deepak and Oprah’s Expanding Your Happiness Meditation ‘Living with Purpose’ .  It hit me like a ton of bricks.. “Connecting to the current happiness inside gives our life direction and purpose.  When we move with this flow of life energy, our actions are filled with value and meaning.  It may only be a subtle sense that we are where we need to be, and doing what needs to be done, but that is the heart of a purposeful life.”

This summer has been one of enjoyment on the boat, contemplation, as well as emotional and spiritual awakening.  I was beginning to feel as if I was slacking off and not growing my business since I was not creating new programs or meeting with people.  (Perhaps a bit of detox talking?) What I realized is  – I am exactly where I need to be.  My actions are my purpose.  The purpose of the summer was to have fun, retreat, regroup with family and friends and grow internally, not externally. Even attend to my body and brain in detox. I am content with that – even happy.

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