Kelly’s Journey: A New Journey

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photo copyHello Again Everyone,

Although I haven’t been writing over the past year or so, I have been keeping up with my GT lifestyle and have done a pretty good job of maintaining my 100 pound weight loss.  I’ve continued the habit of clean eating, rest and the self care that helped me get the weight off since I started GT in 2011.

Along with maintaining my weight I have also been working on other life changes.  While my husband Don was in the Navy we landed in Illinois and had stayed there almost 14 years even after he finished his duty.  We had good friends in Illinois but missed living near our family members  in Michigan.  After some soul searching and long discussions, we decided to put our home up for sale and move home since Don’s job allows him to work from anywhere.  Many people thought we were crazy I’m sure, but I knew in my heart that this was the right thing to do after living away for 27 years.

When we reach the end of our life, I can’t imagine we’ll think of the nice house we lived in, how much money we made, or the material things we collected.  Nope, we’ll remember the times with family and friends that made our hearts swell and gave us a smile at the end of the day.  Don and I have had many more of those moments with friends over the past 27 years and now it’s time for memories with family.

Right now we are in the middle of getting settled into our new place.  We’ve bought the family home and it is in need of some TLC for sure.  Painting and repairs (some small, some large) are top of the agenda right now so focusing on food lists and when to eat are somewhat challenging to say the least.  Although my food is clean, I know I’m not eating enough.  I need to work on entering my food and eating what I enter in the coming weeks.

Going forward I’ll share some of the challenges and victories I’ve experienced during this time as well as the progress we make in our new home, finding new food sources, groceries, markets and the many other things that I discover.  Until then, be good to yourself.

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