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Today is the first day for taking things easy. Let’s put the fun into getting healthy! I’ve learned so much from GT over the past year and laugh when I think that when I’m out in the boat fishing with my husband of 42 years or when I’m painting with other artists my body is at work increasing my health! What could be more fun! My body is doing all of the work and all I have to do is put good fuel in it and then LIVE! It’s just like pulling up to the gas station and putting in the correct fuel for my car and it runs great! Whether you’re working, working out or playing it’s the same. Your body is doing the work inside and making the changes. Isn’t that great?

Today let’s start in the kitchen….making things easy! Remember that no matter what your weekly schedule~ cooking in bulk takes away any anxiety. My coach sets my numbers and goals in my weekly journal and then I just have to enter my choices for the day. It has continued to work…for the first time in my life I’m not worried about my health. My body is working and I KNOW it is continuing to get stronger and healthier.

This morning the family wanted potatoes for breakfast. I want to leave plenty of free time each day for other things so I always cook in bulk. Today it’s potatoes & onions & to fit into my schedule I need to finish this in ½ hour. Wash potatoes (white or sweet-whatever is in your GT plan), score, microwave for 7 minutes turning once (they’ll still be firm). While those are cooking- heat oven to 450 -dice large chunks of onion, toss in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) & put on baking sheet on the lower rack of your oven. Take out potatoes & dice, toss in bowl w/EVOO. Put the pan full of onions on top, toss and then put back on baking sheet & into oven for at least 15 minutes or longer.

While those are cooking, make scrambled eggs or omelet. Pull the potatoes out and serve. Let the rest of the potatoes cool & put in the refrigerator for dinner or the next morning. The key is to make enough potatoes & eggs for at least 2-3 days. My omelet’s are not the perfect folded ones. I precook the vegetables- green peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. This is where I may cook these for my dinner meal (for example chili, sloppy joe, fajitas, stir fry) and put some into the refrigerator for later. I add my eggs to the pan of vegetables, stir until they start to firm, smooth out in the pan, cook, flip in sections and eat! Save the extra for other days & enjoy some free time! Yes, you’ll get used to cooking 15+ egg omelets! I found out that these freeze well for a trip too! I just cut them into 3 egg portions and freeze. Of course you can freeze the spicy turkey sausages into 3-4 oz portions too.

If you’re cooking potatoes & onions for lunches or dinners you can use Tuscan Herb EVOO over white potato wedges with onions, toss and put directly into the oven at 400 for 30-45 minutes. For sweet potatoes, try sprinkling cinnamon/nutmeg on – even with steak or eggs it’s great!

Experiment this month with new tastes from extra virgin olive oils, balsamics & spices. Check out the recipe ideas on genesis-kitchen.com. If you need some ideas also look at the pairings section on the website for delicious combinations of olive oils & balsamics. I’m looking forward to trying some new tastes & recipes this spring!

Until next time ~ keep it easy!
Mary Ann

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