Journey to My Life’s Purpose

Posted on April 1, 2014 by



allThis past month has been very interesting with lots of lessons from the universe.  First off I have to say how proud I am of an article that I and my daughter and son-in-law were featured in at the end of February regarding our health journeys.  It is funny how things just happen.  (That is the universe’ work.)  A fellow yogi is a reporter for a local newspaper and was working on an article about inflammation.  She asked me to contribute to the article. I was honored. We met several time to discuss inflammation and the relationship to food.  She asked about featuring a client and I referred her to my son-in-law who was able to remove 3 arthritis medications and become pain free from working with Genesis as well as my daughter who has dropped 35+ pounds.  The article debuted with pictures and videos of the 3 of us and generated a lot of interest in the program.  Link to Article:

universeAnother lesson from the universe is related to the natural law of attraction.  As many of you know, we are remodeling our kitchen that has included a huge undertaking of moving the basement staircase and then opening up and expanding the kitchen.  While we are not doing all the work ourselves, there is much of the demolition and finish work that we have taken on as well as me acting as general contractor overseeing all of the work.  This past month, things have moved quickly and I have been quite consumed in this process.  What I find so interesting is that I have not had many ‘work’ opportunities open up to me.  Does this worry me?  Surprisingly not – I KNOW that I do not have the capacity to take on and be focused on new opportunities right now.  I am confident that when this remodel is done (~10 days), new opportunities will be knocking on my door.  I KNOW that I will then be open to possibilities and opportunities.

fully_loadedThe universe is watching over me and taking care of me; giving me messages that I am listening to and learning from.  This past month I have taken on purging things, thoughts, and other items that are not serving me.  I have cleaned out cabinets and even some of my beliefs or  ‘junk in the trunk’ as I like to call it. I look forward to the dust settling and moving into spring with a clean remodeled house and a renewed and open spirit.

Coach Peggi Ingram, RN