RN Advice: Wrist Tendonitis

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peggy color editedDetox frequently shows up as joint pain and part of my detox from my colonoscopy last July showed up as wrist pain.  First the pain was only during yoga (weight bearing) then becoming more intense and interfering with opening jars, lifting pans and other daily activities.  Some days were good and some were extremely difficult.  After several months and the treatment of rest, ice and wrist splint was not working; I decided to confirm my theory with a medical diagnosis.

The hand surgeon quickly diagnosed tendonitis and recommended an injection of a long acting steroid.  I explained I was not keen in having a steroid in my system for 3 months or more and asked about any alternative treatment plans.  He said to try the splint for one month and then come back for the shot because he has not seen rest or physical therapy help. I thanked him and left knowing there has to be another way.

I contacted a physical therapist who has proven protocols for tendonitis.  I started his protocol of ‘ice dipping’.   This is submerging both arms (to the elbows) in a bucket of ice water for 20 seconds.  Immediately followed by rotating outstretched arms backwards to open up the shoulders and then a 2-5 minute per arm specific massage to the lower arm/wrist paying particular attention to ‘hot spots’.

This protocol is repeated 10 times in a row.  It works as the cold shuts off the blood supply and then new warm blood is rushed to the area removing the toxins and scar tissue that is being broken up by the specific massaging.  It takes about an hour or more to do but within 2 days I have increased my mobility and less pain.  I can even do a short period of weight bearing!

Conventional treatment plans are not developed for CLEAN EATING bodies that have the capability to rapidly REGENERATE and HEAL.  While the conventional treatment plan in this case would have decreased my pain and maybe even increased my mobility, it was not going to fix the root of the issue – the scar tissue.  This alternative treatment is designed to get to the root of the issue to rid the pain forever.  Be in control of YOUR health – Be your own ADVOCATE!

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Peggi Ingram RN BSN
Genesis Transformation Coach
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