Cameron Cooks in Chaos: German Apple Pancake

Posted on March 20, 2014 by


The kids love pancakes, and it takes forever to bake them.  By the time I’m done cooking pancakes, there’s none hot for me and that’s disappointing!  Growing up, my mom used to make this baked pancake in the oven that would puff up, and we loved it straight out of the oven all puffy and magical.  She made them in a large cast iron pan, and there was a pancake breakfast all done, all at once, hot for everyone.  I loved them so much.  I decided to recreate the German Apple Pancake for my kids.


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Take 2 TBS coconut oil and throw that in a large cast iron skillet (about 12″) and put that in the oven to melt the oil and heat the skillet.

While that is heating take 2 apples and slice them real thin.  Put those aside, and when the oven is preheated pull out the pan – the oil will be melted – throw the apple slices in there and sprinkle them with cinnamon (nutmeg and clove are nice too) and toss it all around in the pan.  Then it goes back in the oven to heat a little more.

Go to your blender and blend 2/3 cup flour of choice – it matters not what kind – and 3/4 cup of milk of choice (I used coconut milk).  Blend it up.  Then add 5 large eggs, one at a time.  (My eldest will not eat eggs.  She used to LOVE this pancake until she saw me add the eggs.  Now she won’t touch it.)  Anyway, blend it all up and pull out the pan.  Dump this batter on top of the apples and put it back in the oven.  It’ll be in the oven maybe 20 minute – I suggest turning on the oven light and checking on it that way.  It will get all puffed up and slightly brown, and the apples will have risen to the surface.  Pull it out and serve it hot.  We serve it with berries, or a little drizzle of real maple syrup.  It’s good stuff.