Ask Dave: How to Predict Trends and Amaze Your Friends

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daveheadshotLoyal reader, I am about to share with you a secret – a simple one, but one that no one seems to know just yet.  Food, as with clothing, music, politics, etc, is subject to the whim of the latest and greatest thing.  This year while at the Natural Products EXPO I caught on to such a simple theme it will amaze you:


Oh come on Dave, you are being silly.  

Want proof????

I’ll break this down so thoroughly next time you are near a ‘healthy’ food you will run.  

SOY:  Once a championed cause of all things green, wholesome, and flowing from the womb of the earth mother herself, this legume is now the ENEMY!  Labels are springing up like hippies at a free tofu-burger booth exclaiming ‘SOY FREE!’  Oh well soy, we had a good run!  Yes a little heavy on the estrogen but ladies like weeping dudes right?  

WHEAT:  This one is more obvious – but remember when WHOLE WHEAT = HEALTHY?  HA, no longer!  Now wheat is up there with Crack, MCD’s, and Carrots.  

CARROTS:  I’m still not sure how the heck this happened but carrots seem to have taken the fall as well.  I have no clue why, but saw it on the internet.  Must be true.  

PEANUT BUTTER:  Still kind of speechless on this one, I mean come on…its PEANUTS!  Yes, but Alfatoxin (the mold in most peanuts responsible for making people feel and smell very sick) didn’t get the message that it was messing with people, so peanuts are rampant with the stuff.  

CORN:  Sold at the farmer’s market, grows in your garden, makes you sicker than shit.  Whatever corn.  

This list can, and does, go on but I decided to leave some discovery up to you, dear reader.  WHAT IS NEXT?  Here’s the amaze your friends part. 

Here is the concept again:  Good now, bad later.  Pick the BEST foods that you think are serving you, throw them out, and create a new product WITHOUT THEM!  Here is a freebie:  CHIA is HUGE right now…chia drinks, crackers, cereal, etc.  The clock is ticking before people discover the nasty truth about this superfood (used for centuries!) so start your label design now and be the first to market with your ‘CHIA-FREE FUNCTIONAL GEL BEVERAGE WITH LITTLE TADPOLE LOOKING THINGS THAT AREN’T CHIA!’

The marketing still needs work.  



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