The Top 20 Things I learned through GT!

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  1. Our health is always changing, we’re either improving it or harming it.  Each Choice we make will result in one or the other.
  2. DETOX – WTH???  Why isn’t this explained to us on day one, or perhaps it is, we just can’t think surprisestraight with sugar brain?  I suppose it’s fitting….sugar IS listed as a drug with the FDA, why WOULDN’T we detox from it? 
  3. Something I eat (or drink from a wine glass while boating on Lake Michigan) will take a good 7-10 days to DETOX from my cells, hence the reason my weight loss was stagnant for so many years!
  4. “Clean food” is simply real, whole food, not in a package….it wasn’t sent through the dishwasher prior to eating.
  5. Grassfed Beef works with my intestines, I can finally eat meat without constipation for a week.  I had so beliefs about eating meat, turns out, I just needed a good source!  Sorry, TMI on this one?
  6. Little Debbie, Sara Lee, and The Keebler Elves are the drug cartel in disguise – they are sooooo good at their sneakiness with all of their labels luring us in, brain-washing us, “low fat, low cal, sugar free, gluten free, heart healthy, lose weight”. They got me every time!
  7. surprise 3Government is also very good at sneakiness, they even had a few business man put together a food pyramid for our health….not one knew a thing about health AND they got us to BELIEVE in it!  They’re smooth!  I wonder if they had the Keebler Elves consulting them?  
  8. Pharmaceutical companies make money on us remaining SICK!!   What a great business plan – tell Americans which food is healthy, MANUFACTURE that “food” and then make a drug to “FIX” the symptoms derived from their “food”.  GOSH, if only I would have thought of that…never mind, I fear God.
  9. Peanut Butter is inflammatory in our body and we’ve been sold on it being a healthy protein/fat – WHAAAAT?  GREAT, everyday between the age of 5 and, well, now, I have been degenerating my body.  
  10. WHEAT IS TERRIBLE for the human body.  Everyone told us how healthy it is, even my Diabetic Mother’s FORMER dietitian? Yep, refer to #7, we’ve been duped!  Want to know more – Read Grain Brain by Dr. Perlmutter. grain brain
  11. Germ Theory Vs. Terrain Theory…Duped again!  Sick of colds/flu?   Build your immune system, refer to #4 and research this theory on your own. I’m glad to discuss when you’re ready.
  12. Disease is derived from inflammation/stress – rarely from genetics!  Sugar and Processed “Food” along with negative thinking is the culprit.  Great news – we can change both! 
  13. The only person we can control is ourselves.  The only time we can change someone is when they are in diapers.  WHEWW, what a relief, I am only responsible for my actions!bossy
  14. We can literally heal our body by eating clean food, drinking water, resting, moving and removing negative thinking.  I had to see it to believe, but after watching client after client…I believe!
  15. Processed CARBS  “SUGAR” is the culprit behind high cholesterol and blocked arteries, not eggs or meat…well, refer to #5.  You’ll want to keep it grass fed of course.  And Folks, high cholesterol=bad – Duped!  Research!
  16. High Blood Pressure is wiped out within the first month of clean eating, in my clients’ experience it’s actually 3 weeks but I’ll go conservative.
  17. surprise 2Just one bite DOES do damage.  Think about Drano – would you drink just one HALF TEASPOON?  Me neither, why? Because it does the same damage as a cup. 
  18. Fat Loss is a By-product of good health.  By removing “food” doing the damage in our bodies, our bodies heal and naturally release stored fat.  AWESOME! My self worth is no longer derived from my scale, I’ll just stay in my process and have some faith.
  19. A stressed out person can NOT drop fat.  You May lose weight, but that’s just bone, muscle and connective tissue, not do
  20. Eating more food helps up drop fat…clean food, not from the drug cartel!

Welcome into 2014 you amazing people, join me in a major change this year! Health and Happiness ahead!

Left: Coming back to GT after the holidays hit; Right: Just 10 months later.

Left: Coming back to GT after the holidays hit; Right: Just 10 months later.

Coach Katie Surjan

Genesis Transformation Coach