Living a Life of Ease Vs. DIS-ease

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My advice is to go into something and stay with it until you like it. You can’t like it until you obtain expertise in that work. And once you are an expert, it’s a pleasure – Milton Garland

While standing on top of a mountain in Montana, reality hit me like a rock in the back of the head.  I am with two of the most amazing people I have had the privilege to become friends with, on a mountain, overlooking Glacier National Park, completely nourished, hydrated, rested and aware of my surroundings – I am THRIVING at living!  I am ALIVE and my life is full of EASE.  This ease is simply a by-product of my choices.

I started laughing at the many times I complained about how much food I was eating in fueling or how I “had” to drink water at an event vs. wine or how I “couldn’t” eat Ben & Jerry’s anymore.   WHAT A JOKE my subconscious was playing on my conscious being.    These items are not food, they do not nourish my body, they cause inflammation in the body which then leads to dis-ease, whether that be diabetes or 40 pounds of excess fat, it’s DIS-ease.   We all have a choice whether we obtain health or disease – all of us!

By choice, I rose above my many limiting beliefs around food and socializing.  I decided to give myself a shot at optimal health and to drop this fat for good.  I’ll reveal the golden ticket right here:

  • ALLOW the unknown – it’s far more spectacular than you can imagine
  • SHIFT your perception – of events, yourself and others
  • ENJOY every single step of the journey towards becoming more of you, don’t rush it, each moment is a gift….in more ways than one

Which lifestyle sounds like living with ease, which one is of DIS-ease?  Which option would you call, living?

  1. Feeling stuck in a career because you think you’re “just lucky to have a job in this economy”, your creative ideas frowned upon by management, surrounded by coworkers living in fear and negativity, 40 pounds overweight, eating junk to fit in with others, skipping workouts to mingle with coworkers over drinks and appetizers, getting caught up in drama, feeling stuck and nothing like “yourself”
  2.  Standing on a mountain top with two visionaries, surrounded with positive vibes and attitudes, grateful and creative expressions being spoke, body movement, a picnic lakeside at Glacier National, nothing but pure potentiality and creativity in your work life, hard to determine what part of your life is work, ultimate freedom  to choose anything you want to add or remove from your lifesyle, unlimited abundance and HAPPINESS everywhere you look.

I chose both of these lifestyles, the one of happiness, abundance and freedom beats my first choice of dis-ease.   Anytime we get uncomfortable because we no longer eat pizza hut and think this isn’t “really living”, evaluate the difference between option one and two.

Do you ever find yourself ready to give up on transformation because removing cocoa puffs or snickers is “no way to live”?  Or maybe even say something like, “ya gotta live a little”.  Go back to options 1 &2 above, is eating ice cream on the couch, upset about those extra 20, feeling self pity because you have no extra time, REALLY living?  OR, is complete freedom, happiness, excitement, feeling nourished and owning a clear head, while hiking Glacier National Park, REALLY living?

By dropping the items that hold us back from our highest potential, we become present.

YOU are worthy of being alive, if you weren’t, God wouldn’t have created you.  Take that gift and create something magnificent.   What choices can you change today to become an active participant in the life you were created to live?

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Katie Surjan

Genesis Transformation Coach