A HOTT Mess…my former life.

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I would often describe myself to my coach as a HOTT Mess; it deserved two T’s and all caps.

When I started GT, it was merely in my head about eating more and working out less. I was sold on that idea. I plugged along making smarter choices, getting in my food macronutrient needs in, and getting my workouts in. I was making progress but would fall down from time to time, when it became difficult to stand back up….my coach started to mention meditation.

My mind went into: geeee, I’m going to have to become a hippie now??? I associated meditation with braiding my hair, sitting in a field, and floating around in life. I was really unsure about this new idea that was brought to my attention. My coach swore up and down, change will be fun vs. hard.

There was a lot of me that was fighting this idea. I didn’t see how sitting quiet (is this possible??) for 10mins or so a day could benefit me.  My first few sessions, I was sitting, listening to thoughts race in my brain, all while counting down the minutes till it was over…how much longer???  I was not digging this idea, I found it…null. I would dabble a little here and there just to say I did it, but, hadn’t truly embraced it.

It wasn’t until I had completely veered off path in February that it was very apparent the life I was leading was, a HOTT Mess.

I would describe the feelings I was having like in ‘European Vacation’ when Chevy Chase was stuck in that turn-a-bout, I couldn’t get out of the circle of junk food!  Then couple of months ago, after more mediation talk from my coach, I literally was at my wits end with my HOTT Mess of a life. I decided to take a real look at meditation; listened to some Deepak sessions on YouTube and things started to click. I started to embrace meditation and transformation started to become easy.

Then, the pinnacle point, my coach said: there is this amazing meditation class you must go to, it is LIFE CHANGING. The class was learning the Gayatri mantra. I practiced, and practiced it daily, morning or night. This is when I started to feel myself gaining speed with my life. I noticed I was overall very calm about everything. I didn’t look at whatever setbacks I was having as setbacks. I acknowledged them as life, and part of my path.

My mind calmed down and I was finally able to get out of the turn-a-bout! I truly believe if I hadn’t incorporated meditation daily into my life, I would still be spinning in that circle.  My mindset with food has changed since meditating, if I have a piece of cheese, it’s just a piece of cheese, it isn’t a month or two of eating more poo. I do not have the HOTT mess feelings as in past.

There is something in which I LOVE about meditation and it’s limitless gift: You truly get what you put into it. When my feelings were bland for it, I wasn’t seeing changes. Now that I have embraced it, I’m tremendously reaping the amazing benefits. Mediation opens up the skies to a world full of abundance, change, acceptance and happiness from within.

Ps: Come to find out, you do not need to braid your hair to embrace meditation!

Carly, Chicago

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