Two Very Pink Lines

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Woohoo! Second trimester and I’m feeling great! It’s week 16 and baby is making its presence well-known. My belly has popped out even more and I’ve started to feel those little kicks and punches that will only grow stronger over the next weeks. This is such an exciting time in my pregnancy and I’ve found I’m really enjoying it. We should be able to find out the baby’s sex around the middle of August – hopefully baby cooperates and lets us have a peek! Then comes the hard part- finding a name!

I will be moving to part-time at work next week and am very much looking forward to it! Finally a break to catch my breath, get my head straight with all that’s going on, and hopefully work out some stress. My schedule at work has been completely revamped at the last minute and I’ve needed to be flexible. I don’t do last-minute very well- never have so naturally, I feel stressed. Stress and drama have been big ticket items in my life this past month and I constantly have to remind myself to keep it, and my reactions to it, in check before I lose myself in it.

I still haven’t been dialed in with my GT plan. My advice, don’t stray! It is SO FREAKING HARD to get your mind clear enough to make a wise decision about your food with all that “poo” toxin hanging in your system. My husband brought up a good point – cleansing breaths. Whenever I’m feeling like I want to eat “poo” food, I’m going to take some cleansing breaths and then make a good decision about what I eat. One decision at a time to get this momma’s train back on the tracks!

Amy, 16 weeks

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