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6:15-up and at ‘em!  I haven’t used an alarm for years….unless I have to catch an early flight, which means I set 2! I usually awaken with first light on my own along with the many animals that frequent our cabin about that time. The dogs are great alarm clocks with either warm nuzzles or yips for me to hi-tail it out of bed.  Once up, I weigh.  I  brew a cup of coffee with homemade hemp milk for a “latte”.  Followed by a quart of hot lemon water.  I write in my journal, read a Buddhist wisdom offering for the day to set my head straight.

6:45-off to the gym with my spouse for a great strength-training workout set up by my fabulous trainer, Michele. (also a GT coach)  Her workouts kick my butt! Then I fast-walk the mile back to the cabin (with the dogs) for a moderate cardio workout.  My spouse drives.

7:45 The cats and dogs get fed and I warm up a slice of a huge frittata made yesterday for a total of  20+ egg white breakfast banger (that will feed us for a few breakfasts)…consisting of broccoli, beet greens, spinach, peppers, onions, asparagus, Asian mushrooms, garlic, a potato and about any other veggie or green that needs eating.  Stove-top cooking while I shower.  Topped off with an avocado and some salsa. Today I had turkey bacon along with it.

9:00-check my e-mail and patient schedules- I have a private education-based practice in the town of Jackson Hole, WY specializing in Women’s Health as well as Genesis Transformation-Health Based Fat Loss. I am busy between my home and town offices.  Today is a home office day.

10:00   Starved!  Make up a double “Green Smoothie”-cucumbers, spinach, coconut water and some frozen mangoes.  If I feel like it, I’ll add some plant protein.  More client consults.  Additional 1.5 quarts of water in by now.

12:00   Beyond starved!  So it’s a chicken salad (cucumbers, celery, grapes, a couple of walnuts, fresh basil, and avocados) over a huge bed of greens. Followed by an apple and more water with fresh lime and some aged citrus vinegar with Stevia added for sweetness.  After lunch, it’s outside for a bike ride, I always carry a water bottle.  Then back to clients, phone call returns, internet meetings/education.

2:00-5:00  More citrus water with lemon/limes.  Finish my second half of the Green Smoothie.  More clients by phone.

5:00-Hard-boiled egg, ½ orange and an walk to loosen up for about 30 min.  More water.  Feed the 4-legged beasts, raw food-no allergies with any of our animals now -something I can relate to since I can’t eat grains.

6:30-Dinner with my spouse. Fresh Coho salmon grilled, asparagus with  the last of the morels from last year topped with avocado oil and spices, mixed greens  salad with sliced pear and tangerine infused EVOO. This is a time we both cherish- to catch up on the day, to thank each other and acknowledge our blessings as a couple.  Hot tea afterwards.

7:30 Orient new guests, always an hour of being a tour guide.  We meet the most interesting folks from around the world.

8:30-Nibble on some left-over fish (still hungry)-finish the other half of the orange. More tea.  A quick check-in with my mom who lives out of town.  Some e-mails to family and friends.

9:30-Walk outside with the dogs.  Tonight, I curl up with a good book with the intention of finishing, but begin reading my eyelids after 20 min.  With gratitude, I end my day.


My Greatest Challenge was letting someone else take charge.

What Kept Me Going consisted of a couple of things.  Mostly, I was interested in the process for my clients who requested a fat loss program and had a history of medical issues that I knew could be alleviated with good nutrition.  With my long career of health education, GT was the first process that linked reduction/elimination of age related/chronic diseases to healthy eating and exercise.

Initially, I focused on personal weight loss.  The ultimate reward however (that keeps me going today) was marked reduction in wrist and hand inflammation.  It was a whole new experience being able to enjoy life without pain, splints, surgery, taping etc.  My active lifestyle has improved drastically.

The Advice I would Give to a Newbie is trust your body, your coach and the process.  Ask lots of questions; ask for help if you are stumped.  Use support.  Be patient. Be honest.   Maintain your humor.  Set reachable goals.  Love who you are and appreciate the hard work your beautiful body does every day for you.  Get to understand how this process affects your entire body and mind.

The aspect of Transformation that continues to challenge me on a daily basis is the head trip of not feeling guilty for taking care of me. For most of my life, I have taken café of others…I am a nurse.  Nurses are notorious for self-neglect.  I now set better boundaries,  have a routine that under no circumstances will be given away,  eat what supports my health and not the whims of family and friends.

Transformation Has Improved My Life in more ways than I ever dreamed.  The most profound one is my ability to exercise without pain (bike, hike, backpack, ski). I avoided the gym because of pain that followed.  Advil use was almost a daily.   No, I’m a regular at the gym these days.  I clearly recognize the connection to food and how it affects my body.  I will never go back to the old days again.

My Favorite Food is my breakfast Frittata….I have always loved breakfasts and the power surge I get from eating them.  I load with egg whites and veggies.  I also love cooking with really good spices, oils and vinegars. Salads have become desserts for me…I love a huge salad at night with thinly sliced pears, some tangerine infused EVOO and aged pear vinegar.  Top that with sliced avocados…and I’ve just been sent to heaven!

I love being outside so my workouts often occur there.  I am fortunate to live 6 miles from Grand Teton National Park and 5 from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (skiing).  The national forest 10 minutes away provides great backcountry skiing in the winter and fabulous hiking trails in the summer.  All dog friendly. My gym is less than a mile, so I can walk, bike and even x-ski there.  Bike paths nearby allow me to ride to my town office, the national park or around the area. It’s a snap to get exercise.

Call me old-fashioned but I don’t listen to music (other than what’s in the gym) when I exercise.  My soul is connected to nature.  I prefer outdoor exercise to anything else.  I am always on alert for animals when in the woods which means I carry bear spray.  I love the noises from nature and enjoy linking them to the various seasons when I’m outside.

My goals for this year are to gain more muscle mass and strength. I also want to be able to do a pull-up…maybe 2! A more important goal is to continue the love affair with “me”, honoring my incredible body with inner solitude, gratitude and wisdom.

What Inspires Me The Most are my clients, especially those coming into this with eyes wide open and for the first time recognizing that with education, coaching and nudging they are capable of moving personal mountains.








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