Ask Dave: Lurking Corn in the Cupboard

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Dear Dave,

Is there an alternative to using baking powder in a recipe?  I noticed that my brand, Rumford, had cornstarch in the ingredients which I’d like to avoid.

 Diane of Tucson, AZ

***After my initial reply that there were no cornstarch-free baking powders and that baking soda is not an equal substitute (results will vary with soda…) Diane embarked on a quest to figure this one out.***

Her findings:

1) HAIN does produce a cornstarch free baking powder; potato starch is used instead.

a.  It is fun & easy to make your own baking powder!!

The Formula:

2 parts Cream of Tartar (naturally occurring byproduct of winemaking)

1 part Baking Soda

 NOTE:  Depending on how fresh your ingredients are the homemade powder may cause excess rising!  Start by using 3/4 of the amount called for and do a test batch (don’t start with a wedding cake…)

Special Thanks to Diane for her diligence and label-reading skills, you have been awarded the pancake merit badge for your efforts.

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