Starting Out

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Michele John

We have all been there; learning something new can be challenging to say the least.    For some, the learning curve is short and sweet, for others, it can be a struggle for what seems like an eternity.   I remember when I first fell in love with horses and riding.  So many things to keep track of,  I remember having to remind myself to sit up tall in the saddle, keep my heels down, look out and forward.  I would hold onto the horn at any speed faster than a walk.  In the early years, it was more about balancing on my hands instead of using my body.  I would jerk the horse’s head to the left or right to get where I wanted to go.  Over time, I learned refinement.  I learned that bringing my hands up from the imaginary box that sits at the saddle horn meant I was getting ready to signal a change to my horse, or that a light pressure with my left  calf was asking the horse to move away from the pressure and begin moving right.  A change to the tilt of my pelvis went from asking the horse to move forward to instead stop and ultimately backup.   The novice I was several decades ago is a far cry from the rider I am today.  I don’t think as much, I just do.  It is more about refinement.

Beginning my GT journey was very much the same.  When I started, I struggled with journaling, accountability, my personal beliefs and “why does that matter, it was just one cookie”?  I struggled hitting my macronutrient goals, pre-planning and fitting self care into my otherwise busy days.  I am here now to say, relax, breathe and smile (ok, that is a cue from horse training), but seriously, relax.  Listen to your coach.   All of this becomes easier as you get more comfortable in the process.  This way of living is foreign to many, and will likely be a challenge for a while.  But like anything, you become more comfortable in the process, more confident in your choices and actions, and it does become second nature.  Yes, in all honesty,as things change you may on occasion get thrown, but I am here to tell you this, get back up on that horse and ride!  This journey is unlike any other.

Michele John, Certified Genesis Coach

Jackson, WY

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