True Change; An Inside Job!

Posted on March 3, 2012 by


Anyone who has gone thru the Genesis Transformation (GT) program understands that the ultimate take-home prize is the ability to honor your self.   If you are new to the program, I applaud you for your willingness to try something different, trust the process and be open for change-radical change! The first step is the toughest.  Courage, commitment and a willingness to move towards a healthy state will get tested every day.  GT will arm you with a tremendous amount of support.  Your coach will guide you through this profound self-discovery process.  That’s why “transformation” is part of the name.   You will realize optimal health is the key that opens your world to living one fabulous life.

Jayne Ottman, RN

You are a hero in this journey.  And “you” will become your best friend.  You will vanquish your worst demons and understand the relationship between feeling like a turbo woman and eating clean whole foods.  Ultimately, you learn how to value your body and health.  Health is what makes life vibrant and worth living!  Your food options explode, not constrict.  Your body strength improves making movement easy.  Activities that you once shied away from are now fun.  Your metabolism will have new spark plugs and every cell in your body will feel like it’s just been recharged.

Knowing that we all begin to “age” in our late 20’s, whether or not we choose to “rot” or “repair” is only up to us.  If we want to ski into our 80’s, rock climb into our 90’s or ride bikes even longer, then taking charge of our health right now is the only answer.  Did you know that 70% of age-related diseases are voluntary-yes, preventable!  Genetics and environmental toxins make up the other 30%.  So if you don’t want heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure etc., then GT is the ticket to preventing them.  Science is behind these principles.  But more importantly, so is your coach who will support, educate and nudge you along.

Have a glorious journey.  I know I still am.

Jayne Ottman, RN, Certified Genesis Coach