Kelly’s Journey – December 2012

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I’m writing this blog entry from Naples Italy because I’m working here for three weeks. While that’s quite a statement in itself, I am very happy to say; “I MADE IT TO 199!” WOW! What a memory this will make being able to tell people that I hit 199 while traveling in Italy.

This is a huge milestone for me and as you’ll remember from my first entry in June it was my first goal line. Now, on to phase two.

As I was doing my HIT this morning I was thinking about what that number is. I think I’d like to land at 155, which will be 100 pounds lost in total.

I am including a picture of me at the Amalfi Coast while we were sightseeing on Sunday. Quite a comparison from the picture I sent in June. Another 44 pounds to go and I know I can do it!

Kelly in Italy

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