Stacie’s Journey – December 2012

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Well, November has gone by and now we look forward to December.  As far as November goes, I started out the month with illness heavy in our house.  My son had a cold, then I had a cold, then my daughter had it.  Next was the flu.  He had it, then I had it, then she had it.  Next, another cold.  This time she didn’t get it.  The upshot of all this is that my head got in the WRONG place.  I started eating and drinking crap and have been struggling like someone just trying to tread water.  This past week, Courtney has had me emailing her daily and that has helped.  The other thing that has really helped is simply taking everything back to the basics, ie drink water (keep track of it!), do the journal daily and print it out, weigh myself daily, and cut one nasty thing of crap food a day if necessary to get rid of all of it.  I have found that will power is not enough to take care of it.  I simply cannot have certain things, such as hazelnut coffeemate, in my house at all.  Courtney tells me it isn’t a matter of weakness.  Once I ate crap, ie sugar, I will crave it for about 21 days.  So, here is to a new month and a renewed start and attitude.

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