Stacie’s Journey – November 2011

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The cold season has begun for our family.  This last month went well and I lost a couple more pounds, then I had a setback when I caught a cold from my son.  I was pretty darned cranky as I had burned some fat, which released those old hormones, started my monthly cycle, and had a cold all at the same time.  However, recovery from this cold was much better since I started Genesis than it has been in years past.

I used to get a sinus infection with every cold and would have to go to the doctor and get antibiotics.  Now, I simply had a cold, and recovered.  It amazes me how well our bodies respond to good self care.  When we treat them the way they were intended to be treated, they function so much better.  What a blessing.

Next goal….under the 200 pound mark.  Here I come!

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