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Solar cooking is the simplest, safest, most convenient way to cook food without consuming fuels or heating up the kitchen.

Many people choose to solar cook for these reasons.  But for hundreds of millions of people around the world who cook over fires fueled by wood or dung, and who walk for miles to collect wood or spend much of their meager incomes on fuel, solar cooking is more than a choice – it is a blessing.

In this country, very few of us have this problem.

I spend a portion of the year in the SouthWest – where sun is plentiful and there is an increasing awareness of using the energy of the sun instead of fuels and electricity.

A client of mine introduced me to sun oven cooking this last year.  While I wasn’t new to the concept, I was new to understanding how low cost, easy and fun it is!  I also had not understood what a difference cooking in the sun makes in terms of nutrient retention and downright TASTE.  Cooking in this manner is also very forgiving – nothing will burn so you can walk away and leave it.  Baking, boiling, steaming – you can do it all.

Meats are more tender, food never burns, and the oven heats up to a solid 360-400 degrees, easily.

It’s fall here in southwest New Mexico, and today I cooked a 2lb meatloaf in my sun oven in under 2 hours.  Outdoor temperature is about 68, and the oven held a steady temp of 350.  Yum!!

If you live anywhere you get a steady amount of sun during the day, I highly recommend this cooking method.  No learning curve required, no special recipes.  The equipment is low cost to buy and also easy to make yourself.  We bought ours.  Sun cooking is surprising in the simplicity and the taste!!  This next year, we’re entering the Sun Oven Cookoff.

Sheri bakes a meatloaf

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