2 Busy 2 Pee – REALLY???

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Coach Michele John

Ok, I love when folks say, “ I am just too busy during the day, literally, I am too busy to pee” .  The first thought that runs through my mind is, WOW either they have a lot of accidents or they must like wearing Depends.  I am personally a fan of neither, and would have to think they are slightly over exaggerating their day.   I know they have time to use the bathroom, just like I know they have time for self-care.  It may feel to them that they don’t have this kind of time, however, as a coach part of my job is to help them see, plan and realize minutes in their day to care for themselves.  Here are several examples:

First, put your workout in your calendar.  Make it as important as your work meetings, taking kids to school, or turning in that important report.  Two, pre-plan on slower days by cooking extra chicken, fish, rice, make huge salads, bake several potatoes, muffins, pancakes, whatever you like to eat that allows you to grab and run out the door if needed.  This is helped by pre-measuring and packing meals so they are ready to go when you need them.  Lay out clothes the night before to include your workout gear, this way you can literally get up and do your morning routine (use the restroom…see you DO have time…weigh, brush your teeth, get dressed for your workout then shower, change for work and GO!  Throughout your day, throw in some extras.  Do incline pushups against your kitchen counter while waiting for your food to heat up.  Take the stairs at work, when you are in the bathroom do what you came to do (see you have the time again), wash your hands and then do 10 body weight squats.  “Curl” your grocery store bags when you carry them into the house from the car.

My favorite tip:  Learn to say, NO!  You dont have to save the world by saying yes to everything, you don’t have to do everything for everybody.  Delegate tasks, say no, figure out a better time or day to do something.  I promise you, by saying “no” to something not critical, and believe me, most of our day is non-critical; it will give yourself back valuable time in your day to take care of YOU!   I dare you, TRY IT!  

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