Finding Time 2 Pee…my bumpy road to ME

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Coach Peggi Ingram, RN

I know you have experienced days and sometimes weeks or even months when you are just too darn busy to pee let alone think or plan!  As Sheri says, we get very caught up in the do- ing and forget about the be-ing.  As a previous emergency room nurse, I have been caught up in the chaos of a busy ER with caring for everyone in their crises – and let me tell you – there was no time to pee on many occasions.  I would then come home after a 12 hour night or day shift or both and enter my role as mom of 2, wife, student completing my BSN, housekeeper, therapist for my developmentally delayed son, cab driver, etc….. it just never stopped.  Some days, I just wondered how I got by except by pure adrenaline.  I was happy, I thought.  I was addicted to do-ing – doing for everyone but me!

 I thought a job change would help.  After much soul searching, I left the ER to join the corporate world and get out of the hectic scheduling and on to M-F, no weekends, no holidays or night shifts.  After all, there are no lifesaving crises there, right?  Well, you would think that the impossible deadlines were lifesaving and sometimes they were – mine own.  Again, I quickly got caught up in the role of manager, mentor, mom, student, traveler, trainer, etc and the chaos continued.  I was back to the busi-ness and to the kudos I felt from juggling it all.

 Of course doing it all has a price.  Unhappiness, illness/disease, weight gain, divorce all reared their ugly heads.  These were all signs that were slapping me in the face telling me that I needed to slow down and find out who I am and to take care of ME.   I had to make a change or else.

My road to slowing down and making me a priority has had major speed bumps.  It has not been something I decided to do one day and it happened.   There have been great days/weeks and then there have been weeks when I have been back to the 18 hour work day and just craziness but those are getting much further and farther between.  With the help and support of my coach, husband, and family, I have put much work into slowing that schedule down.  It has taken another change in position in the corporate world – a down grade in position and responsibilities as it was just not worth the headache,  as well as delegation of home responsibilities, religious personal and food journaling, meditation and yoga have all been instrumental in helping stop the DO-ING  and start BE-ING!  It has made a huge impact on my health, weight loss, family dynamics and relationships and for that I am thankful!  Start BE-ING!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!


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