Stacey’s Journey – September 2011

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Hi, everyone!  Well, I have been thinking about what I wanted to write this month and it has taken some time to get my thoughts together.  First, my weight.  It has dropped a couple of pounds this month, which I am thankful for.  Next, my main struggles.  I read these stories about these ladies that go through this process and they don’t cheat or only cheat a couple of times.  Way to go!  However, I have simply not been one of those people.  In the past I was beating myself up pretty good when I would mess up.  I am now deciding to take a more positive approach to my flawed humanity.  I am celebrating all the good decisions I make on a daily basis.  I had to communicate to my coach that I had some problems this week.  That old saying that you hear so often in Genesis: Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Boy, was that me.  I went up picking huckleberries and didn’t bring adequate food along.  Because of failure to plan, I ended up eating sandwiches with my kids.  My body does NOT like bread or gluten.  So, for the next 2 days, my body reminded me, with pain, WHY I don’t eat that stuff any more.  I texted my coach, went high for a couple of days, and got back on track.  No beating myself up, eating the crap did that enough.  I need to be kind to myself and give this well-oiled machine, that is also known as my body, primo fuel to burn.  I will celebrate, in a small way, when I decide to have xylitol in my coffee instead of cocoa mix.  That cocoa mix isn’t really that great, anyway.

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