Kelly’s Journey – September 2011

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As I write this I’m down 38 pounds and eagerly pushing for 40!
I had some ups and downs this past month and learned that patience is a huge part of this journey.  It seems like the past 5 pounds have been hard to loose and the scale was up, down, up down.  I started to get frustrated because I was doing everything right.  I tuned into the signs my body was giving me and realized hormones were the likely cause and my coach said “your body is working some stuff out and it will pass”.  I’m happy to say the scale is again moving in the right direction.
A quick point to share with everyone that is early in the Genesis process.  Don’t fret when it seems like entering your numbers and food takes forever, you will get faster.  Last week I commented to my coach that during our first call she said “take a good 20 minutes and put your numbers in”.  Ha!  I spent over an hour that first day trying to get everything to match.  Now I can whip out a day in less than 5 minutes.  It always comes back to patience.
Have a good month everyone!
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