It Doesn’t Take Much…

Posted on May 28, 2011 by


Kelly Mortensen, Certified Genesis Coach

It doesn’t take much…

In this journey of Genesis Transformation, some of us get all caught up in the “diet”… the “how fast can I lose this weight”?  We tend to forget about the HEALTH we achieve in the process….

My husband has been dabbling in clean eating more lately since our kids went off to college (there are no more excuses for having junk in the house).  He enjoys the meals I cook at home and we now fight over the leftovers for lunch.  He eats less wheat and dairy, and pays attention to his sugar intake.  But…the scale hasn’t changed.

The other day he came home from coaching softball practice… and thanked me.  He said that last season he dreaded having to squat and catch for the pitcher – he could only last a few minutes before his knees hurt too much for him to continue.   Today, he said, he caught the whole practice! His knees didn’t hurt at all!  He says he notices a dramatic change in the way his body feels this season, as opposed to last, and knows it’s because of the improvements he has made to his diet.

How cool is that?  Improve the quality of food that goes in your mouth and your body rewards you by getting healthier!!  I want more of THAT!

Cheers to good health…