Jan’s Journey – April 2011

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Big News!  I am now less than 10 lbs from my goal!  I am so excited and more motivated than ever.  I feel great and people tell me I look great too.  We had an Art Show here this past weekend and I saw a lot of people I had not seen for awhile.  They were shocked at the new me.  Some people had to do triple takes to recognize me.  I don’t think my face looks that different but my body sure does.   Many people asked what “diet” I am on.  I always answered, “I am not on a diet, I changed to a healthy lifestyle”.    Many who have followed my progress think I have been so disciplined (which I have) but I told them it is not as hard as they think.  It isn’t easy, but neither was putting on all that extra weight.  I worked on that for 50 years!  My doctors and many friends think I should stop losing now since I look so great.  But I am focused on my goal as I want to be considered NOT OVERWEIGHT for my height (according to the doctor’s charts)  for at least one day in my life.

Samantha had to change my calories down to 1300 for 3 days and I must admit I get hungry.  I am eating more salads since they fill me up but don’t have many calories or carbs.  I still really enjoy my Chocolate Yam Protein Bars as they satisfy my sweet tooth and I just love eating almonds to get my fat calories in.  Those are real treats for me!  And I am so happy to be back using GT Whey Protein Powder.  It tastes so much better to me than rice protein powder and I have steadily lost weight since going back on it.  I just couldn’t take that rice powder any longer.

I have stayed the coarse and am definitely reaping the benefits.  I am healthier and happier than I have been in years!

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