End to Begin

Posted on January 2, 2011 by


Michele John, Genesis Coach and ACE certified personal trainer

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Seneca

If you are reading this quote by the Roman Philosopher, Seneca, my hope is you recognize it in relationship to the journey you have either begun or you are on the threshold of putting into action. For those of us already in this journey, you have to acknowledge that every new beginning comes from some others beginning’s end as a fact. In order to begin a new way of life where we create health, we had to end our old way of life in how we ate, think, move, see ourselves and allow the world to see us.

Whether you are 20 years old or 60, are in GT maintenance or trying to figure out if this new journey is right for you, we all have something in common; the desire to change. At first the feeling can be exciting, yet overwhelming to say the least. As human beings, we often find comfort in the familiar even if that familiarity means poor health, low energy, foggy thinking and overall feeling poor, not to mention the joy we experience looking in a mirror and seeing the undeniable remnants of our old, unhealthy lifestyle. I challenge you to make a today a new beginning. For my fellow GT’ers, that can be the beginning of eating just a little bit cleaner than the day before, stepping out of our comfort zone to try a new food or activity, to be more mindful of your work in the gym.

If you want to change and begin your journey with Genesis Transformation I encourage you to be bold and allow yourself to accept the greatest gift of all, a healthy life. Embrace the feeling of change. Take in the fear, excitement, and all of the new feelings and embrace them. Acknowledge this moment as a new beginning. Bask in the courage it takes to venture outside of your comfort zone. Embrace each change you experience and learn from the moments where you digress. Everyday remind yourself you are a warrior and a rebel. Your world is no longer driven by the billion dollar weight loss industry and that you are becoming your own advocate for health. You are in the small but growing world of creating health, naturally revving up your metabolism and programming your body to work the way it was meant to. Be graceful in your thoughts, use your fears and see them as challenges and take them head on. It is only through change do we really experience our strengths and understand how powerful and resilient we truly are.