Put Yourself on Your To-Do List

Posted on January 2, 2011 by


Cary Jo Hofstad, Genesis Coach


I heard this somewhere and love it. How many of us have a list of things to do, people to see
or call, and appointments to keep? Do we put ourselves on that list? I learned this the hard
way a few years ago. I was working many hours in a hot real estate market as a broker. My
life degenerated to the point that I would cancel the few appointments I had to see friends
or take care of myself if something seemingly urgent and work related came up. I especially
never had “relax and read a book” on my list of things to do. My clients and their perceived
house buying/selling crisis started to take up all my available hours. Working out, eating healthy
(or even just eating), and rest just didn’t happen. Eventually my body started to tell me that
this kind of life was NOT truly living. I started searching for help with my declining health
and resulting weight gain. I found some answers in natural health practices and traditional
medicine combined. That was a start. What really changed me though was starting to work with
a personal trainer. That was a pre-paid appointment that I decided I had to keep so I didn’t lose
the money I had paid. My body slowly started changing. I had more energy, slept better, and
was less stressed. Next came Genesis Transformation which truly transformed the way I ate and
treated this wonderful machine I have been given to get through life with. Food became fuel
for my machine. As time went on, taking care of my body and eating what it needed to function
became a part of life. I started putting on my daily calendar activities like coffee with a friend,
riding horses, reading a book, skiing. These became hard and fast appointments with myself
that no matter what was happening at work, I kept them. The reward for this huge change in
priorities was no more high blood pressure, no more high cholesterol, 35lbs of weight loss and
the ability to do physical activities that in the past would have been exhausting and difficult.
All of these positive changes awakened a desire within me to want to help others achieve the
same result. As a new food coach, I can now help others get healthy, fit and lean, one day at a
time. While selling real estate is rewarding and challenging, I find my passion is helping others
get healthy, one client at a time. So, how about making 2011 the year you take care of YOU?
Awareness is the beginning of wisdom and learning. Start moving in that direction and soon you
will be on a very rewarding journey.

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