Client Story: Beliefs and Beginnings

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All of us have our own distinctive story and I have been persuaded to reflect on
mine. Perhaps sharing my story will empower someone.
I began working with Genesis Transformation a year ago. Prior to that I had
taken a class called Women on Weights. I wanted to get stronger in my yoga practice
and thought weight training might help. I met a woman in the Weights class whom I had
mutual friends with. We connected and decided to continue working out together. After
the class was finished. I knew I was getting stronger but I was not loosing any fat. My
friend, on the other hand, was following the Genesis program and was steadily loosing fat
and gaining muscle. There were also other women at the same gym who were following
Genesis and likewise were getting very fit. I am a skeptical person so I watched these
women get fitter while my progress seemed to stagnate. I observed for about a year
before I was convinced that the program did indeed work as well as make sense.
I decided to commit to Genesis for a year and see where the program would take
me. After watching people succeed and learning about the tenets of Genesis it just made
sense to me on many different levels.
I had a number of beliefs prior to my involvement with Genesis. I am a
postmenopausal middle-aged woman. Previous to my involvement with Genesis I
believed that as we aged most women gained at least 10 pounds and that in order to loose
weight I would have to be hungry. Thirdly, I also believed I was predisposed to high
cholesterol. My mother had it, as do my siblings.
After one year in Genesis those myths have been debunked. I have reached my
initial goal of loosing 20 pounds. I was fortunate and lost the bulk of my weight in the
fueling stage. I have not been hungry and my cholesterol has decreased 50 points. I
am stronger than I have ever been and my body fat is in the lean range, a first for me.
Needless to say my self-esteem has risen and I thrilled to have taken control of my life.
Many of us postpone taking care of ourselves. We get busy with our lives and
we have lost the connection to our most basal human needs. My Genesis Transformation
journey has reminded me of many of my core beliefs I allowed get pushed aside as I
aged. My transformation will continue for the rest of my life in a better place thanks to

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