Jackson Hole Crew ‘Weighs In’

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Michele John and Jayne Ottman

Health Based Fat Loss Presentation at the CHI Center

We had the opportunity to present at St. John’s Medical Center’s Wellness “Lite Lunch series” last week.  Our presentation began with a full house, standing room only, and folks continued to come in during our hour long presentation.   Jayne led the first part of the presentation regarding the five basic principles of fat loss:  clean food, water, exercise, rest and elegant thinking.  It was a really proud moment to be looking out in the crowd and see folks writing notes, taking it all in.  Even a few folks from local doctor’s offices writing furiously in a futile attempt to aid their weight loss programs, not realizing that it isn’t about eating broccoli, or potatoes, but that this is a really precise process based on sound science, and adapted to each unique individual; the work is not only inside and outside but in our heads. Oh well, you can’t blame them for trying!

Jayne also presented a medical study on “Tessa” a GT client who has not only changed the way she looks and feels, but changed her health dramatically, so much so, that her doctors at the prestigious Mayo Clinic were impressed with the results she achieved in just one year, ok, actually nine months.  So to be able to show, in hard data, what the effects of this health based fat loss program can do for a person truly perked up the ears of many medical based people in the room.

The third part of the presentation centered around Michele presenting three sets of food, a “day in the life” so to speak of the “Average American Diet”, “the Average American Dieter” and a person on GT.  In the Average American Diet food was brown and beige in color, Michele had to remove several items to make 2,000 calories and then explained the nutritional component of it (little to none).  The Average American Dieter again was not too exciting unless you like bars, shakes and fake food products and this time she removed items as no “dieter” would eat 2,000 calories.  Finally, we had the GT person.  Ah, to see a beautiful array of color (reds, blues, yellows, oranges and greens), potatoes, rice and bananas, etc., in the form of real, whole food.

The attendees asked some wonderful questions and as coaches it was truly exciting for us to be part of something that is designed to improve life, health and vibrancy!


The Jackson Hole Crew, Jayne Ottman and Michele John

Jayne and Michele displaying foods from different diets

The Jackson Hole Crew - Jayne & Michele