Beginners Workout 6 – featuring Erin Sabin

Posted on May 16, 2010 by


Here are five exercises designed to target your arms, legs and core using minimal equipment.  Remember to train with your spine in neutral alignment and work within your limits.  Give yourself a good warm-up before you get started and spend some time stretching when you are finished.  Drink lots of water and have fun!

Overhead Reach

Stability Ball Reach
Stand with your feet just wider than hip distance apart and parallel.  Hold a stability ball with your arms extended overhead.  With your torso straight, your core muscles engaged and moving with your breath, lower the ball to the floor in front of you and lift it back overhead.  Continue this movement for 15 repetitions.   This will target your core and will also work your arms and shoulders!

Stability Ball “Mini” Squat
Begin standing in front of a stability ball with your feet hip distance and parallel with your arms by your


sides.  With your shoulders pressed down and back and your spine straight, bend your knees, into a squat just enough to touch your tailbone on the ball.  Exhale to stand, inhale squat and repeat for 15 repetitions.

bridge w/ overhead extension

Stability Ball Bridge With Overhead Extension
Lie on your stability with your neck and shoulders resting on your ball, your feet hip distance apart and parallel and your hips lifted in a bridge.  Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell above your chest with your elbows bent and hugging in together.  Inhale and reach the ball overhead, exhale and return, continue for 15 repetitions.  Keep your hamstring, glute and core muscles engaged and do not allow your tailbone to sag to the floor.

“Y” Extension
Come to lie face down, prone, on a mat with your arms extended overhead and your legs reaching out behind you.  Inhale to


begin and exhale as you lift your arms, chest, torso and legs a few inches off the floor, inhale to lower, exhale to lift.  Continue to lift and lower with your breath for 15 repetitions.


Lie on your back on a mat, holding your head lightly with your fingers.  Bend your left knee toward your chest, extend your right leg and lift your torso, rotating to the left, inhale your breath and exhale, extending your left leg out in front of you, bending your right knee to your chest and rotating your torso to the right.  Continue for 15 repetitions.