Sheri’s Rants # 35: Cocktail Party Tale

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I met Rachel last night at a cocktail party.  She’s a dog breeder in her mid 60’s with a beautiful, intelligent sparkle in her eyes.  We talked ‘dog’, and then she asked what I do for work.  I started to tell her.  She excitedly cut me off:

“I lost 42 lbs last year!”

“Nice work” I said with a smile, having learned to praise these statements and not ask questions.

“I did it” she went on “by starting with a cleanse.”  This is why I don’t ask questions.  I don’t want to go here. “Then,” she continued, I cut back on all my portions.”  I worked on not visibly cringing. “And I rode my stationary bike with weights in my hands.”  “Good for you!” I smiled.

“The thing is, because of my age, I have all this baggy skin left.”  There it is.

Taking a deep breath, I quietly, kindly said something about eating enough food to support muscle and how low calorie dieting wastes muscle, leading to a fattier body and excess skin – and how that happens.  I said it in a way that referred to what Genesis Transformation does, rather than in way of explanation for her excess skin. Because she took this so well, I went on to explain the difference between ‘weight’ loss and ‘fat’ loss – and that fat loss is a healing process that allows the skin to regenerate in a timely fashion.  ‘Weight’ loss does not, as the body is wasted and the skin reflects this.

Rachel got very excited and grabbed her thigh, showing me that it was all loose fat – no muscle tissue left.  “That is what happened!  Look at me!  It’s all gone!  How do I get it back?  I imagine it’s too late for me.”  She grabbed her arm, and showed me there, too.  She was happy to know WHY, rather than defensive of her dieting methods.  This was a relief for me.

Another woman was at my elbow now, having heard that I am ‘into weight loss’, and armed with questions.  She began asking me for dietary recommendations as Rachel was digesting this new information.  A third woman, hearing the conversation, moved in and began defending the Atkins Diet.  Familiar with this job hazard, I began backing away as Rachel offered to trade me one of her beautiful animals for my services…and yet a fourth woman approached saying that she’d been doing the HCG diet and “You know what?  As soon as I start eating normal the weight comes right back!  But I can’t stay at 500 calories, I’m too tired and don’t have any energy…”


I made my escape with my ‘out’  (rottweiler in the car), a fistful of phone numbers and reflecting that most folks think I don’t ‘do’ cocktail parties because of the alcohol...

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