Don’t celebrate weight loss with dessert (Jim Cathcart)

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No, Jim isn’t a GT’er (that I’m aware of!) but his thinking is right in line with us!  I love this quick little essay he wrote about how to work your head with weight loss.  Enjoy!         Sheri

I’ve always been prone to gaining weight. As a youth I tried several diets and all of them worked, I lost weight. But I also always gained it back. Since 1976, however, I have not been fat. For an entire generation now I’ve stayed within 12 pounds of my ideal weight.

This is because I learned a fundamental truth. Slenderness is not the result of your diets. It is the result of your habits.

To change your weight, change your habits. To change your habits, change your thinking.

Slim people think differently about food and exercise than heavy people. It is the mind that controls the weight. My niece once asked her mom for “skinny food” so she could lose weight. It didn’t work.

Step one is to decide to become a slender person. Step two is to behave as slender people do, even if you are still heavy. Step three is to never stop behaving as a slender person.

Your body will soon follow your mind. And by the way, don’t celebrate your weight reduction by eating ice cream. Buy new workout clothes instead.

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