Sheri’s Workouts – Combo Supersets: Glutes and Arms

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A reminder that these sets are for intermediate to advanced exercisers with weight room experience –  it’s assumed you know the basics.  Talk to your coach, get a good book on weight training or hire a trainer if any of this doesn’t make sense to you, okay? This is serious stuff, weight training, and you don’t want to get hurt.  Be especially careful of your weight room experience level with the squats.

You’ll be training your butt & arms in this workout. Do the first exercise in the set, followed immediately and without rest by the second exercise.  Repeat.

In working your glutes, you’ll be hitting the full range of your leg muscles and that is okay.  Just keep your focus on your GLUTES – using your butt muscles to complete the movements.  A well-defined tush will be your reward.  HAVE FUN AND WALK FUNNY!


Four sets of every set of exercises.  First set is 15-20 reps, second is 15-12 reps, following sets are 10-12 reps.  Remember, that means a weight heavy enough that you can’t possibly do MORE than the recommended rep count, okay?


Walking Lunges – Find a hallway or enough space to do this in.  Hold a dumbbell in each hand (start lighter; build up).  Start lunging, alternating as in walking, for 30 lunges (that’s 15 on each leg).  NOTE:  For short lunges, you’re working your quads.  Stride longer and work your glutes, ’cause that is what we’re working on, here.  You should feel your butt muscles.  Go slow!

Tricep Dips – Place 2 benches about 2-3 feet apart.  Prep for tricep dips on one bench, facing the opposite bench.  Put your feet up on that second bench, so that your total body weight is dependent on your triceps.  Oh, yes.  Now do your dips.  Need more?  Add a weighted plate to your lap (you’ll need someone to help you put the plate on your lap and then remove it afterwards).  Even funner?  Put your feet on a stability ball, but do NOT put a weighted plate on your lap.


Sumo Squats – Place a heavy (40 to 60 lbs) dumbbell on the floor standing on end.  Get into a sumo squat position over the dumbbell, so that your knees as you squat will come over your toes.  Keeping your back in alignment and eyes forward (use a mirror) squat down and grab the head of the dumbbell at the top end with both hands.  Straighten all the way up, relying on your glutes to come up.  Then squat back down IN ALIGNMENT and place the dumbbell on the floor.  That’s one rep.

Bicep Curls – Standing, do basic dumbell curls, alternating arms so that the palm comes facing you as you curl the dumbbell up and rotates to face your thigh as you bring the weight down.  Stay in control, do NOT use momentum.  Keep the core tightened.


Ass-to-the-Grass SquatsDo these on the Smith machine, or if you are experienced enough, do them with a free standing squat rack (you could also load the weight on your shoulders with dumbbells).  Load the bar lighter than you would for ‘normal’ squats.  In perfect squat position, back aligned, load the weight onto your traps/shoulders (do not white-knuckle the bar!) and come down into a VERY LOW squat – well below where your quads are parallel to the floor.  Slowly come back up, using your glutes to power you up.  HOLD YOUR CORE TIGHT.   You may feel a burning sensation…you can back off on the weight…THIS EXERCISE REQUIRES GOOD EXPERIENCE WITH SQUATS!!  Be safe.

Seated Hammer Curls – Alternate arms, seated, dumbbell in each hand.  Go slow and squeeze at the top.


You can do a few sets of tricep pushdowns with a rope on a pulley machine if you’ve got anything left.  If you want to really tax your butt as well, then alternate these with a few more sets of walking lunges with NO WEIGHT.  For fun.