Jan’s Journey March 2010

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After 17 weeks of fueling, I am finally in rotation!  I must admit that I do get hungry on my low calorie days.  I wake up hungry and can’t wait to eat.  I was hungry many times during fueling too, but not like this.  I had a “burning hunger” this morning so I think this rotation process just might be working.  I have only been rotating for a week and every day the scale goes down a little bit.  It is so nice to see the scale going in a steady consistent downward trend!

I was reading through the Support Forum and saw an article about “what’s your favorite treat?”  I thought about that and realized that I used to use think of food as a reward.  I use to go to the grocery store looking for food that tasted yummy as a reward for something I accomplished or to sooth some big disappointment or calm my anger over some idiotic thing that happened at work.  And if I was on a diet, I did the same thing.  If I lost a pound or two, I would celebrate with food.  What a dummy!  Now that I have been on Genesis for over 4 months, I realize that I have changed my habits. I have had no
desire to cheat or “reward” myself.  I have spent 4 months being good, being asked time and again “have you lost any weight?”, seeing results that no one else besides my husband sees, and I am not going to do anything to sabotage this hard work before I get to the miracle!  I may have not been tempted to cheat in the last 4 months, but I sure do enjoy my frozen berries with protein powder at night.  It is a yummy way to end the day!

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