Keeping it About Me – Samantha Gilman

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In my Genesis journey I have become very in tune with what my body needs to be balanced and happy. Some of my needs ebb and flow with my life and some are the cornerstones of my wellness. As a busy mother, wife, and coach, my cornerstones are to eat clean, drink my water, practice yoga, exercise, and get enough sleep. These cover the 5 Lifestyle Objectives we talk about in GT and are simple to integrate when things go as planned.

I don’t have to tell you that Life happens off-plan. Life can be unpredictable and that is part of what keeps me stretching and growing as a human. When things don’t go awry I choose to dance with life, not against it. This means not becoming a victim of life’s circumstances and instead being creative in finding ways to get my basic needs met.

I remember whining to my coach that I ‘don’t have enough time’ to prepare food or go to the gym, or that I felt guilty for taking the time to take care of my self. Deep down, I actually thought taking care of me was being selfish! Who taught me that? The reality is that if I don’t take care of myself, who the heck will? I’m a grown-up and I had to learn to be responsible for taking care of myself first and foremost. I learned that I cannot give away what I don’t have. Especially when life is happening – it better be all about me first so that I can help the person next to me.

When my head tells me I ‘don’t have time’, I need to re-evaluate where my time is being spent. I have discovered that often I feel like I ‘don’t have time’ because I’m actually busy worrying and fretting over things out of my control. I’ve figured out that what I ‘don’t have time’ for is not feeling my very best! The one key element that is a constant in my life that cannot be compromised is to eat clean food. Clean eating is what allows me the strength, clarity, and energy to keep up no matter what life presents to me.

The ‘feeling guilty’ piece I have learned to let go of. I am more patient and present with those around me when I feel good. I am grateful that I have learned the discipline it takes to respect and listen to my body. It is now a habit of mine to take care of my self and this in turn results in me having enough to give to my career, clients, and those that I love. I no longer view this as being selfish or warranting any guilt. Why would I when EVERYONE around me receives the benefits of a well taken care of Samantha? When it’s all about me, it’s a win-win for everybody!

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