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RN Advice: Carbohydrates

February 2, 2016 by


Angela asks: Are all carbohydrates bad for you? First, let me explain what is a carbohydrate.  Any food that breaks down into sugars is considered a carbohydrate.  With that being said, that includes a huge range of foods such as breads, chips, pasta, sauces, etc., as well as fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates are classified as simple or complex.  […]

Kitchen Health

February 3, 2015 by


Healthy people spend time in their kitchen, period. If you really want to improve the quality of your health, you must set the stage for your success.  And center of the health stage is YOUR KITCHEN. Your kitchen is a sacred space that has the power to either nourish or deplete your life. It is […]

Easy Does It – Summer Tips by Mary Ann

June 2, 2014 by


Easy Does It!   Well the weather is finally getting warmer and it’s time to mentally be prepared for summer barbecues & picnics. Picnics- prepare and keep it simple- Have fun! Here’s the start of my food list for 2014 that will make a picnic or barbecue fun. Keep it colorful and you’ll be smiling […]


September 3, 2012 by


Back to school and everyone’s on the move again!  Smoothies are an easy, nutritious, and balanced meal for on the run.  They don’t even need chewed!  Prepare ahead of time and keep them in the fridge or cooler.    Try adding a handful of spinach to berry smoothies for extra green benefits.  Substitute fresh hemp […]

EAT THIS: Daily Dependables

August 9, 2011 by


These recipes are from the kitchens of Genesis professionals -it’s ‘how we roll’.  Enjoy! Mexican Turkey  – Michele John 1 lbs of lean ground turkey Avocado Lime juice (optional) Salsa (make sure no sugar or salt added) Rice (optional)  Take lean ground turkey and cook in a skillet.  Remove the skillet from the heat.  Measure […]

EAT THIS: Summer Fruit Recipes

July 31, 2010 by


One of the most glorious parts of summer is all the fresh fruit available.  Apricots, cherries, peaches, berries, watermelon, cantaloupe…and the closer to home you buy your fruit, the fresher it is!  Most every region has it’s seasonal specialties – make sure you’re enjoying the bounty! A question I am frequently asked is if fresh […]