RN Advice: What’s the Harm?

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Daria asks:  How much harm am I doing when I have a glass of wine or an unhealthy dessert/appetizer at the many parties this holiday?

This is a great question Daria but the answer is – it all depends.  If you are experiencing ANY pain, illness, sleep disturbance, bowel abnormalities, irritabilities, headaches, or are overweight or being treated for any disease, (just to name a few), the number and severity of these symptoms are indicative to how much inflammation is in your body.

fire 3Picture this – Inflammation is like a fire in our body.  If your symptoms are very mild then the fire may just be a smoldering campfire ready to burn itself out.  However, if your symptoms are great or we have a multitude of symptoms or are being treated for a disease or illness, the fire is like a raging bonfire.  Now pour just a small amount of fire accelerant (the dessert or wine) on it – what happens?   Poof- the smoldering campfires starts to blaze and the bonfire goes wild spreading all over.

While we may not experience this phenomena with one party or one bite, unfortunately what happens is our tiny brain, which is not so smart, thinks we can have it again tomorrow or the next weekend.  Many foods take a week or more to accelerate that fire and by then we forgot we were even at a party.

Every single bite of food or drink either fuels the fire or helps put it out.  It either is regenerating our body or degenerating our body, either helping or hurting.

Many doctors and health professionals talk about eating and drinking all things in moderations and I hesitantly agree with this sentiment because this works ONLY when the body is in a state of absolute health with no symptoms or disease.  So, this holiday party season or really anytime, ask yourself, is this going to help or hurt my body?  Taking that pause and answering truthfully may be enough to look for the fresh veggies and soda water with lime.

Peggi Ingram, RN BSN
GT Coach


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