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Small Group, Health Coaching


When? Beginning Sept 5th. Mondays 6:15pm or 7pm, Tuesdays 7am or 7pm,   Thursdays noon, 6:15pm or 7:30pm CST Monday Sessions Will begin Sept 11th due to Labor Day 

Each session will be 8 weeks.  Choose one or sign up for more to keep your progress going. 

Who?  Group coaching is for those ready to make changes but not sure where to start, for folks who learn through hearing other people’s successes, or driven by working as a team, as well as past clients looking for a reboot and get back on track.

Individuals can sign up by themselves and be placed with a compatible group or sign up as a team of friends, neighbors, gym buddies, Bible study group, co-workers, family members. 

Where? From your home. Weekly coaching sessions will be by phone with your team and a coach.  You will have GT’s online journal for 8 weeks and your coaches have access to each food entry.

What? The Genesis Transformation Program is designed to transform your lifestyle in a natural progression that results in a lean, healthy, fit body and an empowered mind.

We assess where you are today – in terms of your metabolism, activity level, and current nutrition, where it is you want to go, and design a pathway to get you there. While the process itself is similar, the route for each individual is different. We provide you with an education in the care and feeding of YOUR BODY.

Why? We decided to open up another avenue of coaching, for the many that want support and education on how to feed themselves but might not have the means for private coaching.  Group coaching offers you much of the same in a very affordable way.  I hear often – ok, I know sugar is “bad” and wheat is inflammatory but what do I eat then?  How do I get rid of that stuff?  These 8 week segments will be those answers, through your PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT on your INDIVIDUALIZED path.  This is a group format with a personalized program.

Our first segment begins September 5th.  Cost: $220 Registration Deadline is August 28th.

To Register:  Please contact either Katie or Peggi

Katie Surjan, Katie@genesistransformation.com or 630-742-8518

Peggi Ingram, Peggi@genesistransformation.com or 224-217-1490

All of the GT coaches have all been through this process with our coach, transforming our health and lives. We have found the joys in transformation and continue to dive deeper into personal responsibility and transformation.  We now are devoted to helping others who are in the shoes we were in, not so long ago.  We understand your frustrations with weight, your numerous attempts to change, your confusion at what is ‘right’ to eat, and your tiredness. We get it, we’ve been there!  We have learned, through trial and error and trial and success that food really is thy medicine.  We look forward to walking with you on your personal transformation journey.  Buckle up, It’s a wild ride!

Now, Let’s have some fun!

Genesis Transformation Team