The Stalker in my Brain

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Patty K, GT client

In response to the following quote in the Genesis food journal:


Every single thought in your mind affects the cellular activity in your body.  
No matter how cleanly you eat,the stress of negative thinking will keep you toxic physically.

Changing your mind will change your body.  – Sheri Lynn


Interestingly enough, even the Mayo Clinic has joined this vein of thought that positive thinking results in a more positive state of health versus negative thinking which results in a declined or declining state of health. I say ” interestingly enough” because often mainstream science often “poo poohs” the idea that mere thinking can affect your health rather than medicine or medical treatment.
The folks at Mayo are uncertain as to how/why this occurs, but their studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between positive and negative thoughts and the body’s response.
In particular, the areas to address include: identifying areas to change, being aware of whether thoughts are negative or positive and putting a positive spin on situations, seeking the humor in situations, living a healthy lifestyle – both diet and exercise to reduce stress, surrounding yourself with positive people, and employing positive self-talk. Have a comeback for those negative thoughts as they creep in. 
I liken negative thoughts to a stalker; you don’t necessarily notice them and it’s easy to forget they are lurking around every corner, but if you and I are “armed” with a positive defense, we will be prepared to come to our own rescue. The positive response – Next time I’ll do better by…. or I can handle this… or to quote a line from Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important”.  Each positive comeback helps to squash the negative thought, much like pepper spray and self-defense moves.
You can be your own worst enemy by letting those negative thoughts direct your life – physically and emotionally or you can be your own best friend and advocate by transforming and redirecting your thinking into thoughts that move you forward positively. The choice is clear that living stalker-free is a choice for health and freedom.
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