The Cost of Health

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I once asked someone if she dropped her phone, would she then pull out a sledgehammer and smash it to pieces just because she dropped it? She answered, NO, of course not, I have the latest i-phone, it costs too much!!!

I then asked – have you ever attempted to become healthier? She said yes, of course, who hasn’t??

The next question I asked was: When you were attempting to gain health, did you ever have a little bite of something at lunch that wasn’t exactly healthy and then figure you blew the day and might as well eat everything else unhealthy that you have been missing? She said, OH MY GOD, that is SO me! (and the cost for sledgehammering health must be less than the iphone???)   I can not judge – I’ve been there plenty myself….which was the catalyst for conversation to begin with.

We might want to think of the value we put on our health if this scenario sounds familiar. We will not damage our EASILY REPLACEABLE phones or computers, yet we do not think twice about putting toxins into our IRREPLACEABLE body day after day.

Think about spilling a Pepsi on your laptop and now think of drinking a Pepsi, was it more severe to think about spilling soda on your computer than ingesting it into your vital organs? Was short circuiting your laptop more upsetting than spilling chemicals into the blood that allows your brain to think?

When I actually stop my own busyness and think about this, it is mind-boggling that our phones, computers, social media and emails became more important than the very organs that keep us breathing, moving and feeling vibrant, alert, ALIVE!   We can say it’s not true, but look at our actions, start with yourself before looking at the whole.

What if we put just as much attention on what goes into our mouths as we do with what we write on our facebook posts or Instagram photos? What if we were just as attentive to our body’s health as we are about how many “likes” our pictures and posts get?

I encourage you to schedule some non-distraction time for YOU, time between you and you, each day. You can call it meditation, prayer, or time with nature, the name does not matter.

We can all lose weight, to gain and maintain health will take great attention to yourself, start now by spending a few minutes per day alone in silence.  Notice the changes that start occurring and notice if life starts “feeling better”.

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool, or you go out in the ocean.” – Christopher Reeve

Katie Surjan